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Digitalize the Business at your foot step

Technology in simple words can be defined as knowledge used solve problems by creating new things and making of advancement of existing things. Development of technology includes lots of fields such as science, engineering, mathematical and historical knowledge. Technology has taken lot of advancement in recent years and we can notice it, lots of machines were introduced to make human works easier for example: blubs were introduced next to that tube lights and with more advancement LED lights are introducednow, switches are used to operate them but now a days home automation is done in order to operate the lights and fans.

And here comes the communication in olden days to communicate or pass any important new the letters were sent by using birds and people use to travel far to communicate the important things, late the telegrams and letters were written next to that telephones were introduced for people convenience and these phones were fixed at one place and are not convenient to carry and by using technology cell phones are used for calling and dropping a text and the advanced version of these mobile phones is smart phone which was introduced first in year 1992 and later lots of smart phones were released and operating systems were different for different phones like android iOS and in this there are various versions developed and lots of changes were brought to smartphones and lots of applications were developed for communication.

And through this way of communication there are lots of development and people started to use it in smart way for their business, to keep in touch with employees and team members. People also use these digital platforms for advertising or marketing their business.

Digital marketing in short is defined as advertising the product, company or business using technologies like internet which also includes advertisements in televisions, specific sites and other digital medium and also using mobile phones and social networking sites, sear engines, websites, email. There are various types of digital marketing:

Search engine optimization: this is one of the strongest way of marketing, it is a marketing which helps to increase the visibility for promoting websites in search engine and seo make changes in websites content to gain high ranking.

Pay per click: these are also called paid adds, it is an internet advertising which helps to enroot to official website on clicking the add. These are first tier search engines.

Public relations: spreading information about particular business to a person,organization or group of people through campaigns, public meeting and news. PR is greatly used for new business.

Social media marketing: the marketing in this type is done by using various social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, yelp, Pinterest,LinkedIn, and YouTube etc. by using this you can get great up rise in your business, company and brand.

Content marketing: this is combination of other types of marketing. This is mainly focused in creating valuable, reliable and strong content that attracts customers to read about your websites online.

Affiliate marketing: in this type of marketing you lease a person to draw attention towards your business, this type is mainly used for e-commerce business

Viral marketing: spreading of information, promoting a brand, and marketing business or service by using social networking sites from one person to other is called viral marketing.


Influencer marketing: this marketing is done by influencing people, we should research and engage with person who can influence the potential customers to draw their interest towards our business.


Online/website marketing: these type of marketing is also called as digital marketing, this marketing acts as an umbrella for all the types of marketing above mentioned .

Email marketing: email marketing is easy and in this type the mail is sent to group of people for marketing the website or brand.it is powerful and can engage many customers towards the business.

Mobile marketing: mobiles have become very important to us in our daily life this type of marketing may be one of the best ideas.

Marketing is done by sending sms, mms or by an application.

The main thing for a business is to have continuous connect with their users to know their requirements and fulfill them. Companies like My Optimind does it really well

Digital marketing is so important to boost your business, by doing it you can constantly meet the demands of market.


The usage of digital marketing have increased in Philippines from year of 2016. Usage of internet in Philippines have increased to 46% and this shows the hype of digital marketers.


The main aim of business man is to grow his business notably every year and the best way is to use digital marketing.

One of the best options to choose for digital marketing is